Newest webOS Device Rumors

Precentral reported on a number of new (alleged) devices showing up in some app logs. As they say:

At this point you’d have to be in willful denial if you didn’t believe that some sort of "Pre 2" is coming before the end of the year, but we weren’t sure whether or not the Pixi would also be receiving similar spec-bump treatment. We still aren’t completely sure, of course, but PreCentral user dawm has spotted some interesting details in his app logs: the Palm ‘Broadway,’ sporting a 320×400 screen (the same resolution as the Pixi) in running two different OSes: ‘Nova-Blowfish’ and ‘Nova-Barleywine.’ We’ve heard of previous versions of webOS getting fish-related codenames, so this rumor rings true. Also ringing true: the Palm UK-owned IP address they came from.

Yes, yes, I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but my position remains the same: new devices are coming, evidence such as this can be faked and/or misconstrued, and until HP and Palm officially announce something I’m taking everything with a pound of salt. As Precentral puts it, I do “want to believe,” but at this point it’s all pretty much moot. We’ll get the new devices we really want when we get them, and as I’ve written about before, that might be later rather than sooner.

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