France’s SFR Outs Palm Pre 2

Palm Roadrunner

Precentral has reported on the leaked picture and specs of the next Palm webOS device, the Pre 2. It’s not terribly different from today’s Pre, although it bumps up the RAM to 512MB and the processor to 1GHz (as expected). It also has a “flatter screen” that may or may not be glass, and that looks like the same size as the current Pre.

SFR also mentions “push” technology, something that would come in webOS 2.0. It’s been expected for some time now, but this might be the first confirmation that it’s coming in the next major webOS upgrade. If it does, then good for Palm—push might have a nice impact on battery life by allowing application updates without applications running. Of course, multitasking is a strength of webOS, and so maybe that’s a bit of a tradeoff.

It’s not the superphone that some folks have been hankering for, but it’s an upgrade. Which carriers will get it and when are the next important questions. No hints there—SFR doesn’t even tell when they’ll be getting it, let alone anyone here in the states.

Update: Lots of consternation out there in the webOS community over what appears like a minor update to the Palm Pre. This is the way I see it, however: if the Palm Pre was a polished river stone, then the Pre 2 looks like a stepping stone. We’ll get there folks. Just gotta have some patience.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. I actually like it a lot.
    This is a great device to bridge the time until a “new” Palm Generation appears in 2011.

    + The modified speaker (above the screen) looks much prettier. And is now about the same as on the Pixi.
    + The open micro-USB port. No fiddling around with this cover.
    + A faster processor to make it much snappier. (For a while I had a Kernel patch on my Pre+ to run it at 800MHz. Wow.)
    ++ A much better battery life (despite or partially due to the faster/newer processor).
    + A better screen (looks much sharper). Hopefully a durable glas screen.
    ++ webOS2.0 with many nore enhancements.

    All in all a wonderfull upgrade to the Palm Pre / Pre Plus and keeping the great round design.

    Wow. I like it.

    Greetings from Switzerland,

    • Mark Coppock says:

      Rolf – I’m torn. I suppose if they release this device on Sprint I’ll probably get it, at the risk of using up my upgrade some (relatively few) months prior to a new, higher-end HP device coming out. Note that if I had the Pre+, I wouldn’t upgrade, but the Pre with only 256MB RAM is just too constraining.

      Should be interesting to see what happens, but thanks for the positive input. We need more of that in the webOS community right about now. :-)


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