HP CEO Léo Apotheker Makes the Rounds

5042937440_4eb4c13fdb_zHP’s new CEO Léo Apotheker (again announced “Ah-poh-take-er” if you’re still confused) has been making the rounds at the technology giant, giving speeches to employees and generally doing the meet and greet thing. His relationship with HP’s 300,000 or so employees will go a long way to determining how HP (and Palm) can continue to make quality, innovative products and adopt to the significant industry changes that Apotheker himself was hired to address.

According to HP:

Léo shared his thoughts, saying that the global technology business is being reshaped and that because of HP’s diverse portfolio, technological leadership and talented people, no other company is as well-positioned to define the future of the industry.  He then called on everyone at HP to think about how the company can achieve that goal, and said that he will visit employees during a worldwide listening tour to learn about their thoughts.

In the afternoon, Léo met HP’s senior Labs leadership over lunch at the company café to discuss organic innovation at HP.  In addition to Robison and Banerjee, the attendees included nanotechnology pioneer Stan Williams, sustainability expert Chandrakant Patel, exascale computing innovator Norm Jouppi, and social software scientist Bernardo Huberman.

Go check it out. He’s going to be top dog at HP for—presumably—the foreseeable future, and so we might as well get to know him now.

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