Note to HP: Use This Screen or Something Like It

Okay, HP, if you want to make folks in the webOS community happy—I mean, really, really happy—with the upcoming PalmPad tablet (besides changing the name, that is), then put a Qualcomm Mirasol screen in the thing. Seriously, now, just think about it: sunlight readable screen the competes with e-Ink, and high-refresh color that competes with LCDs, all while using from 1mW to 20mW of power (compared to the greater than 100mW used by typical screens).

Better battery life, easy on the eyes, usable in more lighting conditions—what’s not to like. Check out the video from (you’ll have to follow the link, because the embedded version doesn’t want to work.

Update: Art in the comments points out that the Mirasol technology is only reflective, meaning it needs an external light source. That’s not optimal obviously, and so perhaps HP should consider something like the Pixel QI screens, which are have reflective and transmissive modes. Duly noted.


  1. It is indeed super. I believe the flexible screen they want to have in the following years is also along the same lines.

    My only concern is how good those screens are for heavy multimedia (the video does show multimedia but I wonder if for watching movies or videogames has similar refresh and quality than, say, your current pc or ipad).

  2. I can see my Pre’s screen in the sun and in the dark. The Mirasol display is not visible in the dark unless you use an external light source.

    • Mark Coppock says:

      Aha, so this isn’t like the Pixel QI technology that is both reflective and transmissive. Thanks, I’ll note that in the post.

  3. What’s “now” to like?


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