Palm’s Q2 2010 Sales – Not So Good


Ars Technica reported yesterday on the latest numbers from iSuppli showing global smartphone sales in Q2 of this year. The big winners were the Android device makers HTC, Samsung, and Motorola. HTC in particular did well, growing sales by a full 63.1% over the previous year.

Palm, unfortunately, didn’t do quite as well, dropping by half. It’ll be interesting to see how Palm’s done since then, but one shouldn’t be surprised if it’s not a great deal better. It’s obviously anticipating of results like this that prompted Palm to seek a buyer, and taking a look at these numbers reminds me just how glad I am that HP came along and scooped Palm up.

Keep these results in mind whenever you grow impatient waiting for the next webOS smartphone. Rather than blaming HP for taking such a long time, you should be thanking them for keeping our dreams of webOS greatness alive at all.

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