A Crazy Idea: Is Sprint Doing Us a Favor?

I just had the craziest idea: what if Sprint is doing us a favor by not carrying the Palm Pre 2? Before you have me committed, hear me out.

It’s been widely recognized, I think, that the Pre 2 is not a true next-generation webOS device. We can be fairly confident, then, that unless HP is abandoning the smartphone market (and they’re not), there will be better hardware devices coming.

The biggest questions are: when will they arrive, and on what carriers? We know that the webOS tablet is coming in “early 2011,” likely meaning Q1. And, we’ve also gotten some hints that the same goes for new smartphones. If that’s the case, then if Sprint did pick up the Pre 2, and found themselves in the position of being unable to provide a roadmap for future devices, maybe many current Pre users would burn their upgrades prematurely.

Think about it. As much as many folks are complaining that the Pre 2 isn’t (so far) coming to Sprint, many have also expressed disappointment that the device is essentially just a spruced up Pre Plus. How would they feel if they upgraded and a new webOS superphone appeared a few months later?

To my mind, anything less than six months would create as much furor among Sprint customers as we’re seeing because the Pre 2 hasn’t been announced. Maybe, after all, Sprint really is doing us a favor by basically forcing us to hold on to our upgrades. It’s something to think about.


  1. I was thinking similarly. Though I am disappointed in not getting a chance to get the Pre2 (so far), I’d be more upset if by June the Super Pre+ comes along and I’d have to pay full price to get it. Sprint could make amends by getting 2.0 out to us ASAP though.

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