Palm Pre 2 Announced Amidst Little Fanfare

10-19-2010 7-37-45 AMPalm has announced the Palm Pre 2, and they were quiet about it. Basically, they just put up a new Web page with the details, and that’s pretty much been it so far.

Here’s the description:

Hard work isn’t.

The Palm Pre 2 smartphone has been reengineered to do more of what you want to do—faster. Quickly switch between multiple open apps. Simply start typing to begin an email or update your status. Tap a message notification while you’re playing a 3D game. With HP webOS 2.0, accomplishing more is effortless.

Streamlined design.

Palm Pre 2 features a sleeker design that still gives you the perfect combination of a vivid touchscreen and slide-out keyboard. And now with a completely smooth glass display, Pre 2 is as durable as it is graceful.

True multitasking.

Pause a game, tap an email notification, check your calendar, read a restaurant review, send an email reply, then switch back to the game without closing anything. Now in webOS 2.0, your open apps are logically grouped together in card stacks, so managing multiple tasks is ridiculously easy.

Automatically up to date.

Keep your contacts and calendars up to date automatically with built-in integration for Facebook®, Google, LinkedIn®, Yahoo!® and Microsoft® Exchange.4 When a contact’s information changes in one place, like an email address on LinkedIn, for example, you’ll see it updated on your phone.

In essence, the Pre 2 is like the Pre Plus, only different. Some other sites have indicated SFR put up then took down the specs, which show a 1GHz processor (without specs), and then the only difference in specs is a 5MP camera (without autofocus), a bump from the 3MP. It’s also listed as coming to Verizon someday, and to SFR in France on Friday.

So, that’s all, folks. It’s a minor spec bump to the Pre Plus, and it’s not coming to Sprint or AT&T anytime in the near future (as far as we know so far, of course). Nothing to see here.

Move along.

Update: Oh, Precentral has a review. They got it early. Huh. Go check it out.

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