Vote for Palm Pre 2 at ZDNet

ZDNet has picked the Palm Pre 2 as #8 on their list of the Top 10 smartphones. From their discussion of the device, it’s apparent that this is really because of webOS:

It remains to be seen whether or not Palm has worked out the quality issues with the keyboard and hardware, but I have to rank this new device in the top 10 because I think the webOS operating system may just be the best available today.

Agreed, of course, except for the qualifier “may just be.” There’s a poll at the end of the story, so go vote for the Palm Pre 2—which is really a vote for webOS.

Update: I’m ashamed at myself for not mentioning: if the Palm Pre 2 can gain a Top 10 spot with just a bump in hardware specs and minimal design changes from an aged Palm Pre/+ design, imagine how well the next generation of webOS devices will do. I know HP-Palm is working as hard as they can to get things out the door, but this just goes to prove the old adage—better sooner than later, guys, if you can help it.

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