webOS 2.0 – Looking Even More Productive

Precentral posted a video demonstrating how the webOS userspace can be managed for optimal productivity. It’s an amazing video for two reasons. First, webOS 2.0 takes the productivity of webOS to another level entirely. From the looks of it, there’s no mobile OS that can match webOS for the sheer ability to actually get things done. And that’s without developers taking advantage of things like Stacks, Just Type, and open Synergy. It’s all very exciting.

The second thing the video demonstrates is that webOS 2.0 running on faster hardware with sufficient RAM is smooth. Opening apps is so much quicker and the user interface runs so much better that it seems like a different platform altogether. After seeing this video, I really can’t imagine switching to another platform even if it takes HP-Palm until well into 2011 to release a next generation webOS smartphone. And I really, really can’t wait to see the PalmPad (a name that I’ve been trying on for size, and it still doesn’t fit all that well).

Here’s the video:

Thanks for the update, guys. That’s exciting stuff, for sure.

Update: I’m going to go ahead and dub webOS as the “Productivity Platform.” It’s built to allow developers to extend the platform into giving us capabilities to get things done that no other platform can accomplished. HP and Palm, you’re free to use that if you like.

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