Yes, Palm Does Have a Patent Application for Cards

Now that RIM has “borrowed” HP-Palm’s card metaphor for their upcoming Playbook tablet, folks have been wondering if they could be held liable for infringing on a patent or two. Apparently, there is a relevant patent application on file, specifically U.S. Patent Application No. 12/416,279, and it goes something like this:

In various embodiments, a card metaphor is established, in which each activity can be represented within an area of the screen referred to as a card. In various embodiments, any of several display modes are available for viewing, interacting with, manipulating, initiating, and dismissing cards. A persistent positional relationship can be established among cards, represented by a one-dimensional sequence. Newly opened cards are generally placed at the end of the sequence, although a new card that bears a relationship to an already open card may, in some embodiments, be placed adjacent to the already open card. In various embodiments, cards may be grouped, with such groups being represented as stacks of cards or by other visually distinctive means. [Emphasis added.]

So, RIM, better watch out, because HP-Palm could one day have the means to—how shall we put this—open up a can of whoop ass on you. Of course, HP-Palm owns patents on all sorts of smartphone technology and there’s not been a hint of lawsuits or licensing requests, but of course that could change at any moment. At the very least, it gives HP-Palm some room for negotiations should RIM decide that something in webOS infringes on a RIM patent.

Incidentally, check out the bit in bold. If we’d read this more carefully, we can see that the stacks feature coming in webOS 2.0 was on somebody’s mind way back in 2009. Nifty.

Hat Tip: Twitter user @jpartain89


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