Palm Pre 2 is No. 1!

The public has spoken, and while ZDNet ranked the Palm Pre 2 as the 8th best smartphone to end 2010, the public (read, webOS community) chimed in and voted it #1. That’s as it should be, of course, and as I mentioned before, is really more a vote for webOS than for the Pre 2. After all, nobody in the US has even seen the thing in person.

10-27-2010 4-37-26 PM

Just imagine what will happen once we have the real next generation of webOS smartphones in our hot little hands. Makes me shiver.


  1. …after all, there are more countries who probably have voted (and have seen the pre2 already). you may not believe it, but europe has intarwebz as well.

    • Mark Coppock says:

      I hear you, and I just wish I knew if anybody in the EU actually has a Pre 2 in their hot little hands. So far, I’ve seen no signs of any in the wild.


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