Why HP Hates Apple

In the middle of a nice article on HP, Todd Bradley, and the Palm Pre 2, ConceivablyTech provides a nice little synopsis of the story behind one of Steve Jobs’s more dishonest acts. It goes a little (or a lot) like this:

It took me a number of years to run down the details of one of the most brilliant moves Steve Jobs made and one of the most foolish ones that HP made. Few know that HP actually had the best chance of eclipsing the iPod during the critical years before the product and eventual line moved to dominate portable music. In the early 2000s, HP developed an iPod killer that, by most reports, was a true iPod killer.

Steve Jobs found out about it and personally called then HP CEO Carly Fiorina promising her that if she agreed to drop this project and stay out of MP3 players for at least 5 years, he would allow HP to brand the iPod, allow them to have unique colors, and connect it to their fledgling Media Center computer exclusively. Fiorina agreed and killed their MP3 player and Apple refused to allow HP to use any color but white (because iPods should only be white) and blocked full integration with HP’s Media Center which later failed in market. Sadly, HP pulled the plug on the Media Center right before releasing a version that actually worked well. HP eventually killed the deal with Apple and few even remember there was an HP iPod. The rest is history.

Organizations have long memories, and I hope that this little event still has HP seething. Because, you know, I really want HP-Palm to kick some Apple butt.


  1. Sure enough, I don’t even remember HP having an iPod. I join with you in hoping their memory is good. I quite enjoyed rooting for the spunky Palm that made a point to poke Apple in the eye whenever the opportunity arose back in 2009.

  2. Leave it to Carly Fiorina to let Jobs con her like that. She did more harm to HP than anyone could have imagined.


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