Morgan Stanley: HP-Palm Still Has Time to Succeed

Morgan Stanley agrees with a position I’ve been taking for awhile now: the nascent nature of the smartphone market means that there’s still time for HP-Palm to be successful over the long term. Business Insider reports:

A Morgan Stanley report this morning insists that the smartphone market won’t be a "zero-sum game" for at least another year. In other words, rising interest in smartphones will help everybody in the market. Eventually there’s going to be a shakeout, but Microsoft and HP’s Palm–the smallest player by market share–still have time.

That’s it in a nutshell, folks. There’ still plenty of time for HP-Palm to make some headway in the market, so don’t despair. It’s frustrating for us webOS enthusiasts, but HP-Palm’s taking a long-term view will do more for us than rushing anything out the door today.


  1. I agree. there is plenty of time, and and the release of the Pre 2, essentially a stop gap until the wave of ‘proper’ devices, is testament to the fact that HP knows it can take its time.


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