HP-Palm Has Work to Do

Via SFGate.com, here are some results of a study conducted by Millenia Media of mobile app developers to determine which current smartphone platforms are garnering the most developer support. The answers are rather striking (and depressing):


While it’s not at all surprising that Android and the iPad are attractive platforms, seeing iPhone at 8% and Windows Phone 7 at 20% is quite remarkable. Frankly, I’d never have expected to see WP7 generating so much more interest than iPhone, particularly without a very strong showing in the market by Microsoft’s new mobile OS.

Of course, most relevant and very, very sad, is seeing Palm sitting at a meager 4%. It remains a mystery to me that so many people are seemingly unaware of how well-position HP is to make their Palm business unit, and webOS, successful in the market. That lack of awareness means that HP-Palm have a tough row to hoe when it comes to generating interest in webOS.

Microsoft is spending close to $500 million to market Windows Phone 7. How much will HP have to spend?


  1. It’s not so much the money spent; it is the message. {“the medium is the message” Marshall McLuhan}. webOS is mobile.

  2. Well, looking at the bright side, I didn’t think I’d see the day when webOS got as much as 50% of the developer support the iPhone has. Just goes to show that the mobile market can still change.

  3. You are overlooking the fact that iPad apps generally run on the iPhone, too. So for Apple’s share you should sum the two to 28% total for the iOS operating system.

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