Yes, New webOS Devices are Coming

Ah, the rumors continue to abound, this time regarding some new webOS devices referenced in the webOS doctor image for webOS 2.0 on SFR. Precentral reports:

There’s the roadrunner, of course, which we now know as the Palm Pre 2, but we also have a few "newer devices" for the rumor mill:

  • broadway. There have been rumors of a Pixi 2 associated with this codename – as we previously reported
  • windsor
  • mantaray
  • stingray

It’s nice to see so many devices showing up in places like this, but until they translate into real products I’m going to continue to give them a 2 on the excitement scale (one to 10, with one being the most “meh” and 10 being the most exciting). That’s not to say I’m not excited in general about what’s coming from HP-Palm, but rather I’ve pretty much resolved myself to just hanging out until the new devices are actually released sometime in 2011.


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