Windows Phone 7 Rolls Out Today

Well, Microsoft is formally launching its new mobile OS, Windows Phone 7, today, which ratchets up the smartphone competition another notch. WP7 is an interesting platform, offering great integration with Microsoft properties like Xbox Live, Zune, and Windows Live, along with a unique look and feel with its Metro UI and panorama views. It also has a number of weaknesses compared to most modern smartphone platforms, such as no multitasking of any kind for third party apps and no cut and paste.

Interestingly, I see this as a positive for webOS. A year ago, it seemed like the iPhone had a lock on mindshare in the US smartphone market (with RIM holding onto its dominant market share), and then Android came along and proved that theory wrong. RIM is in steep decline in market share and Android is getting all of the attention. WP7 has the opportunity to eat into that as well, stealing mind share from Android and showing smartphone purchasers that there really are alternatives out there.

In short, I think that the more platforms that people see offering real value, the more room there becomes for at least one more. I think that webOS benefits from a fragmented market and the growing awareness of options, and if HP-Palm can introduce something in the next few months they stand a great chance of getting some real attention from the market. This is particularly true given the advantage in core capabilities (multitasking, copy/paste functionality, Synergy, Just Type, most productive UI) that webOS offers compared to Windows Phone 7.

So, as a webOS fan, I say: good luck, Microsoft. Go get ‘em, and let’s open this smartphone market up.


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