Would HP-Palm Make a 5” Phone/Tablet Monster?

Rumor site Go Rumors is claiming that Palm is working on a smartphone with a 5” screen that will be launched in three months (during Q1 2011):

Now, we have heard from one of our close source that Palm is working on a smartphone that will have a display slightly bigger than 5″. While we have been unable to confirm if this is indeed the rumored Mansion, the chances for this are pretty bright taking the possible launch date into consideration. Our source has confirmed that the launch shall happen in three months time. That’s towards the end of Q1 2011.

I’m going to go out on a limb here to say this is… well… bad information. I’m not really expecting anything to launch so soon (which is how I think of Q1 2011 lately), and I don’t expect anything that does launch to be a smartphone monster with a 5” screen (kind of like the Dell Streak, I suppose).

I hate rumors. I hate really bad rumors even more. If I could fast-forward to July of 2011 without missing out on the rest of my life, I would, because that’s when I’m expecting things to be fully worked out. Until then, we’ll have to continue to suffer with this kind of ridiculousness.

Update: Okay, as I think more about it, I wouldn’t doubt if HP-Palm eventually came out with a larger format device like this—HP has the supply chain and distribution chops to make all sorts of different devices. But, that will happen after they’ve covered the more mainstream formats first. I guarantee you they won’t introduce something so niche before they’ve made something that hits a larger market first.


  1. Lisandro Diaz says:

    If They come out with a phone of about 5″ it would be well worth the wait

    • Mark Coppock says:

      I think they COULD make a 5″ phone one day, but that it would be a really bad idea to come out with that format first. Therefore, I don’t think they will.

  2. lisandro diaz says:

    Maybe they will release more than one phone factor. If not, I just don’t see a 5″ device as a tablet.

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