ZDNet Goes Hands-On with the Palm Pre 2

Matthew Miller over at ZDNet bought an unlocked Palm Pre 2 from the HP Web site pretty much the moment it became available, and he has some thoughts about it. Probably, his impression mimics those of most webOS enthusiasts who’ve tried out the platform: it’s much improved, but there’s still work to be done.

Here are his conclusions:

I am personally a big fan of Palm and the ability to get a new Palm Pre 2 in a GSM variant as an unlocked device was worth the $450 to me. Keep in mind that it only works on EDGE with T-Mobile and even though it is unlocked it only works with 3G data on AT&T here in the US. I haven’t found this to be too much of an issue so far because I have had WiFi connectivity around me and EDGE is fine for basic email and Twitter posts.

webOS fans will likely enjoy the Pre 2, but even though there are some very nice hardware improvements the device still has a rather small display and keyboard and has a limited selection of applications when you compare it to the other major smartphone platforms. It is nice to pop the Pre 2 on an old Touchstone and the device feels sweet in your hand. webOS 2.0 will be coming to the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus devices in the near future so if you already own one of these devices the best choice may be to wait until the update is released for your device.

Go read the whole thing. For myself, I’m seriously considering getting a Pre 2 to hold me over until the true next-generation webOS devices start to arrive. My time with Windows Phone 7 has reaffirmed my belief that webOS remains the best m obile platform on the market from a productivity perspective, and so I can see myself carrying two devices until webOS can offer the same media content as WP7 (namely, Zune and Netflix).

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