HP Palm Comes Full Circle in Community Support

Okay, first HP Palm (looks like they don’t use a dash, and so I’m not going to, either) not only allows homebrewing and patching to exist, but they actively encourage it. On top of that, they invited members of the homebrew community, such as Rod Whitby of webOS Internals (who would be Apple’s public enemy #1 if he were doing his magic on iOS) to their events such as the recent Developer Day even in NYC. And then, incredibly, they not only invite Rod to attend and speak, but they pay his way on top of it. Crazy.

Now, they’re not just providing this support quietly and without fanfare, but they’re blogging about it for all the world to see. Go check it out, folks, there’s some good stuff there. It looks like us normal folks got into the wrong lines of business if our goal was to cozy up to HP Palm for a weekend.

HP Palm, I’ve gotta say: you may be taking your sweet time in getting next generation hardware out the door (just kidding: I know these things take time), but you do know how to support a community.


  1. lisandrodiazu says:

    first let me say that I love your site. English is my second language and I like the way you write straight to the point w/u all those fansy words. What I’m trying to say is I don’t have to go to the dictionary to find out the meaning of a word.

    I’ve been with my Pre since day 1. And I usually change phones every six months or so, but not with the Pre. I guess is a webOS thing. S I don’t mind waiting another 3-4 months to get the next big thing from HP Palm, I just hope they don’t let me down.


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