Newest Column: What Chance Does webOS Really Have (Part 1)?

This week’s column is up over at Go check it out.

The gist:

…HP Palm has time to build the right products, create the right ecosystem, and devise the right marketing plan. By the end of Q1 2011, Microsoft should have made some headway at least in educating the market about WP7. This should cause consumers looking at new smartphones to resist efforts by carrier sales reps to steer them in one direction or another. Once a consumer starts asking questions, a sales rep with the right training and incentives is required—at least theoretically—to start giving options.

At the same time, we simply must assume that HP Palm will produce good products and spend the money required to get back in the game. Everything they’ve said and done since purchasing Palm tends to support that assumption, and certainly they need to make some headway in mobile. It would take a complete disintegration of anything approaching intelligence at HP Palm for the company to introduce another round of less-than-stellar hardware and poor marketing.


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