Rubinstein Talks About HP Palm and Mobility

Jon Rubinstein waxed strategic as he chatted the other night at the Churchill Club, where folks get together and look into the future of various industries and technologies. Talking about mobility, Ruby discussed why HP and Palm are well-positioned for success (if not uniquely positioned). Via HP’s Data Central blog:

“What enables breakthroughs,” said Rubinstein, “is the convergence of technology, product vision and software.” HP and Palm, he suggested, are well positioned to integrate across that entire spectrum, unlike some other players in the mobile space that account for individual elements of the user experience.

Backing up my weekly column regarding market fragmentation and its affect on any given company’s dominance over the market, Ruby said:

How about market fragmentation, asked Swisher?  Is it a problem to have seven different mobile OSs to choose from?  “We’re only at the very beginning of this,” Rubinstein replied, a point born out by news yesterday that Apple’s share of the mobile OS market has slipped from 51.9% to 33% in the last year. Data released yesterday morning by Neilsen further suggests that the smartphone battle is only just starting to heat up. 

That sounds about right to me.


  1. The way these HP/Palm guys are talking reminds me a lot of our U.S. Congress.

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