HP Holding webOS Event in San Francisco on February 9

I still haven’t received my invitation (hint hint), but Techcrunch is reporting that they got theirs:


In my first official understatement of 2011, that sure sounds interesting. My guess is they’ll announce the world’s smallest smartphone in a replacement for the Pixi, and then the biggest webOS device in the PalmPad. The “beyond” part part might be a hint that other devices will be coming at a later date. And all of that, of course, is my first idle speculation of 2011.

I’m torn on whether this is good timing or not, from a marketing perspective. It’s probably better to announce outside of CES, something Palm likely wasn’t equipped to do in 2009 and that HP is fully equipped to do in 2011. It’s also bracketed between CES and Mobile World Congress, which makes some sense.

But even more so, I’m guessing that the timing is what’s necessary, given that I don’t believe we’ll be seeing anything until March at the earliest. I doubt that HP has any intention of repeating the mistake of announcing at CES and then releasing many months later.

In any event, now we know what to expect, and that’s a good thing. I’ll go check my email now for my own invitation…


  1. Your headline says the event will be February 2nd, but the pictured invite says the 9th.


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