Evernote Changes Its Tune, Now Committed to webOS

Either the webOS community convinced Evernote that supporting the platform is a good idea, or something else convinced them of it (maybe HP whispered sweet nothings in their ears?), but whatever: suddenly, they’re taking their webOS client a little more seriously. That’s a good thing, because as upset as one might be at their earlier “on the back burner” comments and subtle jibes, Evernote remains by far the best cross-platform note-taking tool.

From the Evernote blog:

The honor of “first Evernote app to get an update in 2011″ goes to Evernote for WebOS. This update, which went live in the Catalog a couple of days ago, makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, browse through your existing notes and create new ones. All this, plus a bunch of bug fixes and improvements.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s this:

We’re committed to the WebOS platform, so you can expect lots more in the future.

Yes, that’s just a bit different. Thanks, Evernote. It’s good to see you back on board. I’ll try to put the past behind us, because, you know, nobody’s infallible.

Note: I do believe that this could be a sign that HP has gotten more serious about convincing developers to support the platform. We’ll know more on February 9, when—if they have—we should see some app announcements to go along with whatever else HP Palm has in store. I’d love to see some Shazam, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Barnes & Noble Nook, and other announcements, just so we know they’re taking this stuff seriously.


  1. Liandrodiazu says:

    That’s a good sign, with all these tables coming out in the next few months it would be hard not to have a good tablet from HP, hardware wise.

    To HP: Give me a tablet where i can pair my phone with and on top of that make it that if you have a webos phone and tablet, the table can feed off the phone without any extra charges. Make that feature from exclusive for webos devices for free. (Even though I dont know if the carrier will allow it), but it would be nice to have it

    I already took the Feb 9 day off from work and hoping there will be live stream somewhere.


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