HP’s Island of Misfit Toys

I just had to mention this truly bizarre tweet from HP’s @hpdeals account that was (even more strangely) retweeted by HP’s @HP_PC. Here’s the tweet in question:

2-1-2011 9-54-21 PM

Here’s the link from the tweet… Go there and take a minute to absorb it all. In case the link goes away (as I’m hoping it will sooner rather than later), it’s to a lineup of HP smartphones ranging from the Pixi to the Pre 2, and includes a couple of Windows Mobile devices thrown in for good measure. Other than the Pre 2, it’s therefore a lineup of outdated and essentially obsolete (and, in most cases, end-of-life) devices that hardly fit the description of anything that will “Blow.Your.Mind.Away.” And of course as nice a phone as the Pre 2 is, in today’s smartphone market it’s not really capable of any serious mind blowing.

It’s as if the folks running the @hpdeals Twitter account just don’t know that, in roughly a week, HP is going to be announcing a line of products (presumably) that will truly blow our minds away, and that the lineup linked to in the tweet is a lot more like something from the Island of Misfit Toys.

The absolute most pessimistic viewpoint is that nothing will be announce in a week that will render this tweet as apparently silly as it seems to be. But I refuse to be so pessimistic, and so I’m just going to assume that this was the left hand not really being all too acquainted with the right hand.

February 9, will you please hurry up and get here?


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