Out with the Old, in with the New

I’ll be writing over at a new site, if you’re so inclined to check it out. It’s at www.thetechchat.com, The Tech Chat. I’m also tweeting at @TheTechChat, and as you might have noticed is the sale account as the old @AboutwebOS. If you were following the latter, you’re automatically following the former (unless you’ve unfollowed, which is cool).

I still like webOS, but I’m not longer what I’d call an “enthusiast” for it. I’m certainly not evangelizing it at the moment, and until HP starts putting out real products as opposed to more of the same old promises that Palm always made, I’ll not be spending my time that way. Which is time, as I’ve mentioned, that I don’t really have.

I hope nobody takes any of this as my being “against” webOS. I’m not, and I want to see the platform succeed. I just feel that the time for merely supporting Palm (now HP) is over. Now is the time for pushing HP to do the right things. I believe that they have a chance at being successful, but blindly supporting the platform won’t give them the feedback they need to make the right decisions. webOS, as both a platform (hardware, software, and ecosystem) and a mobile operating system, needs a huge amount of work to be truly competitive, and HP needs to understand that, if they don’t already.

Since using the Epic, I’ve discovered that Android isn’t nearly as bad as some in the webOS community make it out to be, and it has a huge number of really great apps  that make it a very enjoyable platform to use. Yes, Android as an OS isn’t as fun to use as webOS, but then again webOS can’t do nearly as many things. That’s the reality as far as I’m concerned, and given a choice between the two platforms, I choose Android. For today. Give me all the apps I’m enjoying on a webOS device with competitive hardware, and I’d switch back in a heartbeat.

Because that’s really what this is all about, isn’t it? Technology has value insofar as it enhances our lives, and I’d say that the platform that does the best job of it is the one we should be using. Don’t you?


  1. Completely understand Mark… I’ve enjoyed the updates on this blog… is this the last post then?

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