HP’s Rahul Sood–Touchstones in the Boardroom

HP’s CTO of Gaming, Rahul Sood, posted some interesting news via Twitter today: …just found out the executive boardroom that @philmckinney uses at HP has been equipped with Touchstones at every table. #palm #webos and: …apparently many of the boardrooms are getting equipped with #touchstones. that’s commitment right there ladies! #palm #webos Agreed, that definitely […]

Accessories Review: Palm Leather Side Case and Touchstone Charger

Here’s a quick review of the two accessories I impulse-purchased with my Pre. Starting with the least interesting: 1. Leather Side Case: Palm’s first of two leather cases for the Pre is pretty standard stuff. It’s of decent quality, with a tight fit and a lining that theoretically wipes the screen as the Pre is […]