webOS App Review: Zumodrive


Introduction Of all the capabilities offered up by the cloud, perhaps the most convenient and productivity-boosting is the ability store files and access them from anywhere. Services such as Dropbox, Apple’s MobileMe, Microsoft’s Live Sync (more recently Mesh), and Zumodrive are just a few, and for a relatively low cost (including free), it’s possible to […]

webOS App Review: Convertor


Sometimes it’s the simplest apps that come in handy. When you need to know how to dress for the day, you can check the forecast with a weather app. When you need to keep track of your automobile’s mileage and maintenance, you can use an automobile tracker. And when you need to convert from one […]

webOS App Review: Astraware Casino


Every now and then, a person wants to get their Vegas on. A little blackjack, some video poker, maybe a little Texas hold ‘em: nothing can pass a few idle moments like some pretend gambling. That’s why Astraware’s Casino is a breath of fresh air for webOS users. Offering 11 fun-filled games in a fast, […]