HP PalmPad in March 2011 with 10.1″ Screen, 16GB, and Flash?


Nobody seems to know anything specific about HP-Palm’s tablet plans, except maybe Doug Reid of Stifel Nicolaus. According to ZDNet, Reid provided an outlook on the tablets coming from a variety of vendors, including HP: That’s an odd bit of info coming pretty much out of left field, but it’s just specific enough and from […]

Windows Phone 7 From a webOS Perspective

I’ve been working with and writing about Windows Phone 7 over at Windows Roundup for a few weeks now, and thought I’d take a few minutes to jot down some notes about Microsoft’s new OS from the perspective of a webOS enthusiast. Some of my impressions may surprise you, while others won’t. For a general […]

Palm Pre 2 Verified on Verizon for Q4 2010


Yes, I know: I haven’t posted much this week. I’ve been that busy. And so I hate for this to be my first post since forever, but it’s important enough that I’ve set some things aside. It’s also behind the news curve a bit, but that’s life sometimes. Simply put, Verizon has verified that the […]