Evernote Changes Its Tune, Now Committed to webOS

Either the webOS community convinced Evernote that supporting the platform is a good idea, or something else convinced them of it (maybe HP whispered sweet nothings in their ears?), but whatever: suddenly, they’re taking their webOS client a little more seriously. That’s a good thing, because as upset as one might be at their earlier […]

Apps Still Unavailable on webOS

webOS doesn’t need any salt rubbed in any wounds, really, but I was going over the archives of this site and ran across a post I’d made about some apps that folks were looking for and that aren’t yet available for webOS. The post was originally written on February 23, 2010. Here’s the list I’d […]

Windows Phone 7 From a webOS Perspective

I’ve been working with and writing about Windows Phone 7 over at Windows Roundup for a few weeks now, and thought I’d take a few minutes to jot down some notes about Microsoft’s new OS from the perspective of a webOS enthusiast. Some of my impressions may surprise you, while others won’t. For a general […]