It’s webOS Day!

Yes, indeed, today is the day that we finally learn what HP has up its sleeve for webOS. I’m filled with a certain amount of competing excitement and trepidation, because I think that while some folks will be made very happy by today’s announcement, the same might not be true for some others. However, we’ll […]

HP and Palm: Thinking Beyond

If you haven’t already, go check out HP’s latest teaser. Interestingly enough, it’s on the Palm site, and so does that bode well for our favorite brand? Here’s the already infamous video teaser: Is that a phone or a tablet? I’m leaning towards a phone; the curves and buttons seem to imply one to me. […]

HP’s Island of Misfit Toys


I just had to mention this truly bizarre tweet from HP’s @hpdeals account that was (even more strangely) retweeted by HP’s @HP_PC. Here’s the tweet in question: Here’s the link from the tweet… Go there and take a minute to absorb it all. In case the link goes away (as I’m hoping it will sooner […]