WebOS Update Problem


This is more annoying than problematic, but my Updates app is broken. It’s telling me I have app updates when there aren’t any available. Here’s the message: But notice that no updates are listed: Anyone else having this problem?

Palm Pre Battery Life After 1.3.5

I am getting much better battery life with 1.3.5. Previously, I’d take my Pre off its Touchstone at 7:00am and would need to start charging by 3:00pm or so with moderate use. I might make it to 5:00pm with light to no use. Under the moderate usage scenario, that worked out to about a 10%/hour […]

Palm WebOS 1.3.5 Update – The Best One Yet?

Palm WebOS 1.3.5 was released yesterday, and so far my results have been stellar. I was a bit concerned at first, when at first my Pre had slowed down significant and was exhibiting worse lag than with 1.3.1. An hour or so later, however, and perhaps following some system cleanup routines, things were much improved. […]