HP-Palm Online Advertising Increasing?


I’ve been seeing more and more online ads by HP, primarily around the free power bundle promotion. Here’s an example: I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. I sure hope so.

Palm Pre 2 Commercial – Sizzles

Well, it does show off some of the new features of webOS 2.0, but it’s really similar to another ad from awhile back for the Pre Plus. Nevertheless, here’s a new ad from HP-Palm. Enjoy.

HP Leverages Cute Babies and Marketing Muscle

Yes, that’s right: that is a Palm Pre in a commercial that doesn’t scare you or confuse you. Via webOSroundup, check it out: It’s for HP’s ePrint multifunction devices, but it does bode well for future advertising. Way to go, HP. Now make some for webOS, would you?