webOS App Catalog Passes 4000 Apps in US


The Palm webOS App Catalog—that is, the official version, not including homebrew, beta, and Web submissions—passed 4,000 apps today in the US. It’s not the 250,000"+ apps of the iOS App Store or 100,000+ apps of the Android App Market, it’s still an auspicious occasion for the webOS community. Here’s what it looks like:   […]

webOS Tip: Take a Screenshot of Interesting Apps


At the moment, the webOS App Catalog doesn’t offer a way to create a list of interesting apps for future consideration. It’s either download or purchase now, or try to remember an app that catches your eye when you’re in the mood to try something new. My approach is simple: I take a screenshot of […]

webOS App Review: Poster


As a WordPress user, I’ve been remiss in failing to provide a review of the excellent webOS app Poster. It’s been in the App Catalog for awhile now, and I’ve used it extensively for making quick edits at AboutwebOS.com as well as moderating comments. It’s a great app and should be installed and running on […]