Target to Carry iPhone – Pre-empting HP’s Distribution Prowess?

It’s probably premature to consider that Apple considers HP-Palm as a formidable future competitor, but certainly iPhone feels the heat from Android at least. Consider their latest move—selling the iPhone 4 and 3G at Target stores across the country. Note that while I have nothing whatsoever against Target, it’s not really the sort of place […]

Apple Sues Motorola – Will Palm be Next?

One of the more interesting developments in the smartphone industry has been Apple’s patent lawsuits against HTC and now Motorola over a number smartphone technologies. The latest, against Motorola for a number of devices including the entire Droid line, is for a variety of Apple patents including some around touchscreens. PC World reports on the […]

Why HP Hates Apple

In the middle of a nice article on HP, Todd Bradley, and the Palm Pre 2, ConceivablyTech provides a nice little synopsis of the story behind one of Steve Jobs’s more dishonest acts. It goes a little (or a lot) like this: It took me a number of years to run down the details of […]