What I Hope to See from HP on February 9

I was thinking over the weekend about my future gadget plans, and discovered that it’s actually a bit premature to start making any decisions (a “duh” moment if ever there was one). That internal discussion led me to start pondering what I want from technology in general over the next year or so, and how […]

Apps Still Unavailable on webOS

webOS doesn’t need any salt rubbed in any wounds, really, but I was going over the archives of this site and ran across a post I’d made about some apps that folks were looking for and that aren’t yet available for webOS. The post was originally written on February 23, 2010. Here’s the list I’d […]

HP-Palm Has Work to Do


Via SFGate.com, here are some results of a study conducted by Millenia Media of mobile app developers to determine which current smartphone platforms are garnering the most developer support. The answers are rather striking (and depressing): While it’s not at all surprising that Android and the iPad are attractive platforms, seeing iPhone at 8% and […]