Palm Pre Battery Life Improvements with WebOS 1.3.5

After some extensive testing, I can verify that, for my Pre at least, battery life was significantly improved with WebOS 1.3.5 (and remains with With WebOS 1.3.1 and earlier, I was averaging a discharge rate of roughly 10%/hour given my typical usage, which was mainly email and texting throughout the day with a few […]

Palm Pre Battery Life After 1.3.5

I am getting much better battery life with 1.3.5. Previously, I’d take my Pre off its Touchstone at 7:00am and would need to start charging by 3:00pm or so with moderate use. I might make it to 5:00pm with light to no use. Under the moderate usage scenario, that worked out to about a 10%/hour […]

A Day in the Life of a Palm Pre Battery

So, here’s the scoop: battery life on the Pre leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, it’s really pretty lousy. The jury remains out on whether the Pre’s poor battery life is the result of the always-connected nature of WebOS, the device’s relatively powerful hardware, or firmware/software issues yet to be resolved. Or, as […]