HP CEO Léo Apotheker Makes the Rounds


HP’s new CEO Léo Apotheker (again announced “Ah-poh-take-er” if you’re still confused) has been making the rounds at the technology giant, giving speeches to employees and generally doing the meet and greet thing. His relationship with HP’s 300,000 or so employees will go a long way to determining how HP (and Palm) can continue to […]

New York Times on HP CEO Mark Hurd’s Resignation

The New York Times has a story today where they outline the “real reason” HP’s board forced out now ex-CEO Mark Hurd. In short, while HP’s performance under his leadership was excellent: Its 2009 revenue was $115 billion, up from $80 billion when he took over. Four years ago, H.P. even leapt past mighty I.B.M. […]

HP’s CEO Mark Hurd Resigns

HP’s CEO Mark Hurd has resigned his position, with CFO Cathie Lesjak stepping in as interim CEO. The HP board will be searching for a replacement. A great deal has already been written about this, and I just wanted to say: don’t jump to conclusions, folks. HP isn’t Apple—they’re not driven by a charismatic, dominant […]