HP Palm Comes Full Circle in Community Support

Okay, first HP Palm (looks like they don’t use a dash, and so I’m not going to, either) not only allows homebrewing and patching to exist, but they actively encourage it. On top of that, they invited members of the homebrew community, such as Rod Whitby of webOS Internals (who would be Apple’s public enemy […]

Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer Moving On

The spiritual and actual leaders of HP-Palm’s Developer Relations team, Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer, are moving on to form their own consulting company. They’ll still be working to help people create great applications (including, or maybe primarily, webOS apps), but they’ll be doing it on their own. They put their leaving this way on […]

Vidcast with Palm and HP’s CTO Phil McKinney

If you’ve had any doubts about how serious HP is about making Palm and webOS successful in smartphones and everywhere else, and about the incredible resources HP brings to the table, then take a few minutes and watch this video. Seriously, just watch it.   NEW VIDCAST: A Message to the Palm Developer Community from […]