HP Palm Comes Full Circle in Community Support

Okay, first HP Palm (looks like they don’t use a dash, and so I’m not going to, either) not only allows homebrewing and patching to exist, but they actively encourage it. On top of that, they invited members of the homebrew community, such as Rod Whitby of webOS Internals (who would be Apple’s public enemy […]

HP-Palm Has Work to Do


Via SFGate.com, here are some results of a study conducted by Millenia Media of mobile app developers to determine which current smartphone platforms are garnering the most developer support. The answers are rather striking (and depressing): While it’s not at all surprising that Android and the iPad are attractive platforms, seeing iPhone at 8% and […]

Line Break Issue Fixed in webOS 2.0

For the developers out there, you’re likely familiar with the issue of line breaks not showing up appropriately in app descriptions in the App Catalog. Palm describes it on their Developer Center Blog, with a solution. But, what’s interesting is what they say at the very end: As a side note, you only need to […]