Evernote Changes Its Tune, Now Committed to webOS

Either the webOS community convinced Evernote that supporting the platform is a good idea, or something else convinced them of it (maybe HP whispered sweet nothings in their ears?), but whatever: suddenly, they’re taking their webOS client a little more seriously. That’s a good thing, because as upset as one might be at their earlier […]

Evernote Releases Update

Thanks to the folks at webOSroundup for the tip: finally, the seemingly impossible has happened. Evernote has released an update for webOS. From their forums: Hi folks – We’ve got an update to the Palm/WebOS version that addresses some of the data loss bugs: http://update.evernote.com/prerelease/E … .0_all.ipk We’re also working on some more significant improvements […]

Note to HP Palm: Evernote is Not Your Friend


I’ve noticed a couple of Twitter posts from Palm folks speaking kindly to or about Evernote. As we’ve noted in the past, though, Evernote is not Palm’s friend. How about we give support to those developers that support us?