Is Flash for webOS Closer Than We Think?

As has reported, clicking on Adobe’s Flash site in the webOS browser leads to an app the Palm App Catalog. It’s a strange app, essentially just linking to other Web pages. Speculation in the comments is all over the place, from this being a spam app (that would have to somehow hijack the Adobe […]

Palm and WebOS – Is This the Strategy?

I was giving some thought to what Palm’s strategy might look like, and I came up with this version. Please note that this is just my opinion. There’s of course a great chance that I’m totally off-base, and I have absolutely no inside information. That said, Palm’s strategy so far might look something like this: […]

What's Missing from WebOS 1.3.1 for the Palm Pre

I thought it’s a good time to put together a quick list of what’s still missing from WebOS. It’s been fully five months since the Pre was released, with quite a few updates all the way to 1.3.1. Still waiting for word from developers on any new core functionality that’s been added, but today we’re […]