Angry Birds webOS Demo Includes Nine Unique Levels


RovioMobile let go of some interesting news on Facebook this morning: Sounds like another great reason to give Angry Birds a try, if you’re one of the 239 people who haven’t already bought it. Update: Oops, forgot the link. Go get the Angry Birds Lite version now!

webOS App Review: Astraware Casino


Every now and then, a person wants to get their Vegas on. A little blackjack, some video poker, maybe a little Texas hold ‘em: nothing can pass a few idle moments like some pretend gambling. That’s why Astraware’s Casino is a breath of fresh air for webOS users. Offering 11 fun-filled games in a fast, […]

Astraware and Sandlot Games Getting Their webOS Pirate On Soon?


Got a tweet from Astraware today, and it looks like there’s some nice webOS PDK collaboration going on between them and Sandlot Games: And from the looks of it, we’ll all be saying “Aaar!” sometime in the near future: Are the Tradewinds blowing? Update: I would certain appear so from this video that popped up […]