HP Donates Server to webOS Internals

Yes, that’s right, folks. HP, the company that follows in Palm’s footsteps by embracing (not suing) the webOS homebrew community has gone yet another step further. They’ve donated a serious piece of server hardware to webOS Internals, to make the continued development of webOS patches and homebrew apps possible. Again, that amazes me, and HP […]

PC World Recognizes Palm and the webOS Homebrew Community


  Okay, seriously folks: if you had any doubt as to which smartphone company wants to give you the most flexibility to use your device the way you want to, Palm has just erased any reasonable semblance of it. I’m not sure when this was actually released (maybe I’ve been behind the times a bit […]

Are Homebrew Apps and webOS Patches Legitimate?

So far, I’d avoided talking about the customization that’s possible via the vibrant homebrew and patching community, simply because this site’s focus has been on using webOS as it’s delivered from the factory. I’ve not wanted to delve into opportunities to overcome some of the limitations of webOS via these tools because many people don’t […]