Nobody’s Perfect

As I continue to evaluate my technology needs in the face of HP’s upcoming event on 2/9 (and to a lesser extent, Sprint’s event 2/7), I’m struck with how every available platform has something that significantly detracts from its potential value to me. Whether it’s HP Palm (webOS), Apple (iOS), Google (Android), or Microsoft (Windows […]

So, How Does Android Stack Up Against webOS?

As you may already know, I’ve been using a Samsung Epic for a few weeks now. My Sprint Pre is still in use, running in airplane mode on my Wi-Fi network at home. This arrangement has given me ample opportunity to compare the two platforms, and I thought I’d take a few minutes to provide […]

How the Mobile Platforms Stack Up

I thought I’d take a moment to rank the major mobile platforms in terms of a few specific criteria. Because I know next to nothing about Blackberry, and because I can’t forgive RIM for so blatantly ripping off webOS with the UI on the PlayBook, I’m leaving them out. Here are my rankings: Multitasking: webOS […]