How HP webOS Multifunction Devices Might Work

Wonder how HP might put webOS to work on multifunction devices? Then check out these demos of apps for HP’s currently shipping (and very much non-webOS) products. They seem very focused on printing (perhaps naturally, given that HP makes hundreds of millions of dollars in profit from ink and toner), but hopefully developers will be […]

HP Photosmart Printer Includes Wireless Digital Companion


The HP Photosmart eStation Printer C510 doesn’t run webOS, because it was designed and produced well before HP’s acquisition of Palm, but one can easily imagine how webOS might fit in here. Check out HP’s description and just try to stop your imagination from going wild: Overview Combine full Web browsing with high-performance printing, faxing […]

About webOS on HP Printers

So far, people are taking the "HP is putting webOS on printers" thing way too literally. More precisely, HP makes multifunction devices that are really information hubs that do a great deal more more than just print. If you think about these devices that way, then you can realize just how powerful they will be […]