webOS Multitasking is Simply Crazy

Precentral posted a video of the Pre 2 multitasking like a crazy beast running webOS 2.0. If webOS isn’t soon universally recognized as the absolute king of smartphone multitasking—and I mean, as a completely different order of magnitude in this regard—then there’s something very wrong with the world. The rest of the video is interesting […]

Blackberry Playbook Beats HP and Palm to the Punch

Yes, it’s true: RIM has a webOS cards-like multitasking system running on a tablet (in public) before HP and Palm. Bummer. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s close enough for government work. What’s worst is that whatever HP and Palm do release, at least on a tablet, will suddenly seem derivative. Oh, and might […]

Don’t Let ‘em Fool You: iPhone Multitasking Nothing Like webOS

Much has been made lately about iOS 4 (what used to be known as the iPhone OS) and its ability to “multitask.” This is typical Apple obfuscation, however, because for most the iPhone won’t be multitasking in the classic sense. As The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) puts it: With the upcoming iOS 4, Apple has […]