All Palm Phones–Free with $50 for webOS Apps


Looks like HP’s bringing some of its distribution power to bear. All Palm phones on US carriers are free, with $50 gift cards for webOS apps. So, if you’re thinking about getting a webOS device today for literally no added cost, now’s the time. Thanks, HP!

Some Big News in the World of webOS and the Palm Pre

Today is the day that webOS 1.4 is rumored (again) to be released. It’s also been an eventful news day for Palm, with some disappointing earnings and sales announcements, a price drop on the Palm Pixi, and an alleged changelog for webOS 1.4 being leaked into the wild. As usual, Pre| has excellent coverage of […]

The Top 5 Palm Pre and webOS Mysteries

While Palm has done a bang up job of continually updating and improving webOS, some mysteries remain–areas where it’s just not clear why something’s not been fixed or made available. Some examples (in no particular order): 1. Docs to Go: This one’s not directly Palm’s responsibility, but one really does have to wonder why Dataviz […]