All Palm Phones–Free with $50 for webOS Apps


Looks like HP’s bringing some of its distribution power to bear. All Palm phones on US carriers are free, with $50 gift cards for webOS apps. So, if you’re thinking about getting a webOS device today for literally no added cost, now’s the time. Thanks, HP!

webOS 1.4 – How Far Along Are We? (Part 1)

New Calendar Display

webOS 1.4 represents an important milestone in the platform’s development: simply stated, webOS 1.4 is the point at which the Palm Pre/Plus (and, to a lesser extent, the Pixi/Plus) has become mostly feature-equivalent to current smartphone platforms. Other than some very specific capabilities enabled by a digital compass and macro focus camera (neither of which any […]

webOS 1.4 Available Friday, 2/26?

Looks like Sprint has gotten at least a little bit more official regarding webOS 1.4. According to this post by a Sprint admin on the Sprint community forum, the update will be released tomorrow, Friday 2/26, and will include the following: Fixes: Time Zone bug fixed Network time sync bug fixed to reflect accurate Network […]