ZDNet Goes Hands-On with the Palm Pre 2

Matthew Miller over at ZDNet bought an unlocked Palm Pre 2 from the HP Web site pretty much the moment it became available, and he has some thoughts about it. Probably, his impression mimics those of most webOS enthusiasts who’ve tried out the platform: it’s much improved, but there’s still work to be done. Here […]

Palm Pre 2 Verified on Verizon for Q4 2010


Yes, I know: I haven’t posted much this week. I’ve been that busy. And so I hate for this to be my first post since forever, but it’s important enough that I’ve set some things aside. It’s also behind the news curve a bit, but that’s life sometimes. Simply put, Verizon has verified that the […]

How Does HP’s Rahul Sood Feel About the Palm Pre 2?


Well, kind of just like this: Sounds good to me. Too bad I can’t get one on Sprint.