All Palm Phones–Free with $50 for webOS Apps


Looks like HP’s bringing some of its distribution power to bear. All Palm phones on US carriers are free, with $50 gift cards for webOS apps. So, if you’re thinking about getting a webOS device today for literally no added cost, now’s the time. Thanks, HP!

Palm Pre Loses Battle Against Nokia 900


Well, we fought a valiant battle, coming from well behind to take the lead only to lose it at the last minute today. The Palm Pre lost to the Nokia 900 in FoneArena’s smartphone battle by a mere 160 votes: We’ll get ‘em next time!

Palm Pre Designer Peter Skillman Joins Nokia, Talks Past and Future


It was a bit of a blow learning that the Palm designer Peter Skillman, the point man in the design of the Pre, was leaving the company. Learning as we did last week that he’s joined Nokia to help design MeeGo, which already bears a striking (if unattractive) resemblance to weBOS (see picture above), didn’t […]